Dokumentär: “Vår Maria Callas”

Välkommen på visning av Babis Tsokas dramadokumentär “Vår Maria Callas” om Maria Callas liv och verk.
Tid: Söndag 6 maj, kl 18.00
Plats: Salong Mauritz på Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1-5, Stockholm (T-bana: Karlaplan)

Fritt inträde – Svensk text

Visas med stöd av Grekiska Ambassaden i Stockholm och Messiniaki Amfiktionia.

OUR OWN MARIA CALLAS (I diki mas Maria Kallas)
Greece, 2016, 95 min, West Coast Premiere, Documentary
Director/Writer: Babis Tsokas
Producer: Babis Tsokas, Messiniaki Amfiktyonia, Thema Film
Director of Photography: Babis Tsokas
Production Designer: Babis Tsokas
Editor: Babis Tsokas

This Maria Callas dramatized documentary is a voyage to the mythical world of Maria Callas, the soprano we all know. Her life was one with the roles she interpreted, Medea, Norma, etc. Drama rules supreme. The glory from her art only gives way to the love for life. Rejection, pain, loneliness follow. Towards the end she returns to Greece. This film required the selfless work of hundreds of volunteers, while it was filmed in Neohorion Oihalias, place of origin of Maria Callas, Meligala, Kalamata, Tripoli, Athens, New York City, Verona, Milano, Paris and the island of Scorpio.